Blindspott — Blindspott (Pre-order)

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Blindspott's landmark debut album available on vinyl for the first time since it's release in 2002! This is a very limited edition release that was pressed in New Zealand at Holiday Records. This is your chance to get your piece of NZ music history.

The album includes their first ever single, "Nil By Mouth" which gained major success during its release in 2001. Other tracks include "Room to Breathe", "Phlex" (which reached No. 2 on the NZ charts), "Blank", "S.U.I.T." and "Lit Up". The self-titled debut album reached No. 1 in New Zealand and went platinum in its first week of release. The album has since been certified 3 x Platinum in New Zealand.

Blindspott started a nationwide tour in 2020 dedicated entirely to this album.


1. Mind Dependency
2. Nil By Mouth
3. Suffocate
4. Fall Down
5. Interlude
6. Blank
7. S.U.I.T. (So Us Is This)
8. Jaded
9. Plastic Shadow
10. Lit Up
11. Room To Breathe
12. PMF
13. Phlex
14. Ilah — Silent War