Fly My Pretties - The Studio Recordings Part One

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The Studio Recordings Part One: Fly My Pretties have only ever released live albums, and in a reverse move, present a series of Studio Recordings from their live catalogue. Songs familiar to many, as they have never been heard before. Made over 12 months with 25 total contributors.



  1. Singing In My Soul (written by Age Pryor)
  2. Champion (written by Barnaby Weir)
  3. Quiet Girl (written by Samuel Flynn Scott)
  4. Apple Heart (written by LA Mitchell)
  5. Take It From Me (written by Bailey Wiley)
  6. Bag Of Money (written by Barnaby Weir)
  7. Get Out (written by Adi Dick)
  8. It’s Never Blown Like It’s Goin’ (written by Ryan Prebble)
  9. Garden (written by Anna Coddington)
  10. Angels (written by Lisa Tomlins)