Sticky Fingers - Land Of Pleasure/Caress Your Soul (Double LP)

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Land Of Pleasure

A1             Land Of Pleasure 

A2             Feast Your Eyes   

A3             Just For You           

A4             Run Rage

A5             Gold Snafu             

A6             Liquorlip Loaded Gun          


B1             Fake A Smile         

B2             Show No Shade   

B3             If You Go

B4             Velvet Skies

B5             Dreamland             

B6             Lazerhead              


C1             How To Fly             

C2             Clouds & Cream  

C3             Australia Street

C4             These Girls             

C5             Sex          

C6             Bootleg Rascal      

D1             Caress Your Soul  

D2             Laika       

D3             Freddy Crabs        

D4             Kiss The Breeze    

D5             Let It All Out